Charm Balearic silver


Ibiza charms.
Ibizan legends and amulets that become our pendants.

Phoenician goddess of love, fertility and the moon. She is the goddess of Ibiza.

Phoenician god of fun, parties, fertility and protection. Very revered on the island of Ibiza for being considered the god of music djs.

Mermaid of Es Vedra
Guardians and protectors of the island of Es Vedrá and its magic.

The Mediterranean is full of these mammals that love to play with sailboats.

Shell with pearl heart
Popular belief gives this amulet the power of protection. What one day at sea protected the living being that inhabited the shell that today protects me.

The king of sea snails in Ibiza.
The Phoenicians found their magic in the purple color of their shell which they used to make dyes.

Each charm is delivered with a velvet thread, so you can use it as a choker, necklace or bracelet. And it is prepared so that you can hang it on your favorite chains. We do it in 18 carat gold on request.



Sterling silver, the shell and the mermaid of Es Vedrá have pink zircons.

Size Chart

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Your silver pieces may darken if you don't wear them for a while. You can clean them with a commercial metal cleaner, water and a cloth. Also with bicarbonate or lemon.

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